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How to get $250/site monthly

How to get $250/site monthly

Hi, Guys.

I'm here to share with you a simple technique that's making me earn around $250 a month per site.
It envolves using adbride,bidvertiser and/or other contextual targeting sponsors (I would stick with don't use adsense becose you can get banned).

The idea is to create a micro-niche website, with the right keywords and build thousands of indexed pages in google.

1) Register/Buy a domain with the related keyword you want to monetize, for example: "" (of course it is not available, but you get the idea).

2) Download/Get/Buy a tube script, with youtube videos automation feature. I use Automagick Tube Script but you can use any you wish.
Now. For this case, I have configured automagick to grab 25 videos a day from youtube (all videos related to the keyword "fitness").
In a matter of days, and with the sitemap the script generates, google will start indexing the pages, which are SE optimized and will be well positioned.

3) Once you have a couple of houndreed of videso (which means, indexed pages), you will place you ad banners (I would recommend image ads).

You will not be earning $250 the first day, but in a couple of months, you will gain around that amount, per site, if you pick a good niche.
And with this technique, having 10 sites like this, will make you earn $2500! Not bad, huh?

I hope you liked it and don't hesitate to write, in case you have answers.
P.S you can get free youtube clone just need search

[Guide] Make Money with Pinterest. Noob Friendly and ready for twists.

[Guide] Make Money with Pinterest. Noob Friendly and ready for twists.

I didn't have much to do today, so I played around with Pinterest for a little bit over an hour. I have a friend of mine who has a completely white hat blog and she gets over 2,000 UVs per day through Pinterest. Those 2,000 UVs make about $20 per day on her blog. She knows absolutely nothing about IM, but she has a decent blog and some good products.

So this got me thinking that really anyone could make some money on pinterest and I have written down exactly what I did to make $4.00 on Pinterest today. For "noobs" this is a very easy way to start making your first IM dollars.

What you need

1) Pinterest Account. Don't have one? Request an invitation at

2) Adsense Account. Don't have one? Apply for it.
3) Blogger Account. Don't have one? Stop being lazy and click three buttons.

So you've got those three things...what do you do now?

1) Log in to your Pinterest account and go to the popular pins page. This is more or less like your trending page on twitter. On this page you are going to find about 100 pins that are currently popular on Pinterest.

2) Right click and save the images from Pinterest onto your computer. This is easy and I did the 100 test pins in about 3 minutes. Make a folder called Pinterest on your desktop and save the images there to keep yourself organized.

3) Head to and create a blog with pinterest in the title. Doesn't really matter. Choose the basic adsense template to go on your blog. I did absolutely nothing to my blog it looks like crap and I put up the basic adsense slots.

4) upload the 100 images that you just downloaded to your blog. This is the most time consuming step. I did them 3 at a time. You may be able to do all 100 at once...i dont know, I didnt try.

5) go through your blog and pin the images that you just uploaded to your blog. write really basic descriptions for the pins, such as "hahah" or "yumm". Really stupid stuff...this isnt hard.

6) Sit back and watch the traffic come in. 10 minutes after completing this, I had delivered 345 UVs to my blog and got an email alert stating:

Gena Abel likes your pin 'so cool'

Christine Murphy likes your pin 'so cool'

Tasha Mac likes your pin 'everyone needs a dog'

Nadia Conte likes your pin 'so cool'

Socorro Haro likes your pin 'so cool'

Jessie Perez repinned your pin 'pretty '

Annie Lachowicz repinned your pin 'so cool'

Morgan McWilliams repinned your pin 'Night out'

Erin Walker repinned your pin 'O my goodness'

Susan Buchanan repinned your pin 'so cool'

Gillie Bjarnason repinned your pin 'everyone needs a bull dog'

Anita Harrison repinned your pin 'so cool'

Ali Borzomati repinned your pin 'so cool'

Kristy Elkins repinned your pin 'so cool'

Cheryl Wiggins repinned your pin 'everyone needs a dog'

Erica Ages repinned your pin ' '

Bonnie Wainwright repinned your pin 'This love bug looks just like my Diva when she sleeps...'

Bethany Newell repinned your pin 'shading'

I had done absolutely nothing and getting traffic. What you are doing is taking someone else's already "viral" pin and making your own so that it can go viral.

Some notes: I did this on a brand new pinterest accounts. I had 0 followers when I started doing this test. I also did this on a brand new blog, so there was no traffic prior. I am 100% positive that this can be scaled up because I know people making decent money from Pinterest.

When someone tells you they can't make money online, show them this thread. I'm pretty sure my dog could do it.

Add $680/Week to Your Income.Must read.

Add $680/Week to Your Income

A little-known options play has just tripped Ian Cooper's "R-4 Trigger"...
Which means, approximately 27 days from now, you'll have the opportunity to cash in for gains that could earn you $680 for every $1,000 you put in.
Even better, according to our past, proven results, you'll have the chance to do this about once per week going forward.
That works out to more than $30,000 — a second salary for some people — over the course of the next year...
And that's if you decide to start out with just a grand.
How can I be so sure?
Well, for the past three years, Ian Cooper — the premier options expert — has been tinkering with a secret strategy that pinpoints exactly when option plays are primed to make their biggest moves...
Skyrocketing as much as 64%... 180%... 240%... even 338% in just a matter of days!
Ian calls it the "R-4 Trigger" (which I'll explain in just a moment), and for the past three years, he's been using it to track down fast, 27-day gains.
In fact, as Ian developed this "trigger" over the past 36 months, we invited a select group of folks to come on and "beta test" his progress.
We didn't tell them they were testing what could become the most powerful profit tool the world of options investing has ever seen however.
We wanted to see firsthand how they reacted to Ian's system without any expectations.
And I think it's safe to say they were quite happy, as they watched 87 winners (averaging 68%) roll in — that's nearly one winner per week.
Actually, I know they're happy.
Take a quick look at what the beta testers told us in their own words:
  • "Made a one-day profit of 24%..." Randy Aperlo, NY

  • "I will take the 60% gains and wait for Ian's next move. Holy crap, am I impressed." Kurt Lindau, MD

  • "It's great getting up at 6:30 am and watching my portfolio grow all day long by $500 per day." Cal Spivey, WA
The best part is, the "R-4 Trigger" is amazingly simple to use.
You simply wait for "trigger" alerts via e-mail, follow two easy instructions, and cash out.
You don't have to know squat about options. You merely sit back and watch your bank account grow by the day...
Less than a month from now, you could be cashing out for 50%... 150%... even 300% gains — and quite possibly more.
That's why I'm writing to you today.
Not only am I going to share all the details on Ian's newly released "R-4 Trigger" with you shortly...
But I'm also going to let you in on the play that's just sounded the sirens.
How the "R-4 Trigger" Works
Buy a handful of different stocks, and you might make a few bucks over the next couple years. Buy some bonds and you'll get the same result.
Invest in a CD, Money Market account, or IRA — ditto.
Simply put, these investments aren't going to pay you anywhere near what you stand to make with a few well-timed options plays.
It's a simple fact.
The thing is, how do you know exactly what play to make, when to make it, or even how long to hold it?
Well, that's where Ian's "R-4 Trigger" comes in...
During 2008 — one of the worst financial years in American history — the "R-4 Trigger" delivered cumulative gains of 2,878%.
And it did so by precisely pinpointing which options plays were set to skyrocket by as much as 68% — or much more.
So, what’s the secret?
The "R-4 Trigger" takes reams of data — six different investment formulas, percent ranges, and MACD and DMI crossovers — and compresses it all into a single indicator that tells you exactly when to take action on a given option play.
Instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, trying to sort through thousands of ticker symbols and dozens of options "strategies" all on your own, you simply sit back and wait until the "R-4 Trigger" signals you to take action.
Even better, the "R-4 Trigger" alerts you down to the split second...
So you have the opportunity to get in before rank-and-file investors and snatch the biggest gains possible.
Let me show you a couple quick examples...
19 times better than ordinary stocks
On March 1, 2010, the "R-4 Trigger" was tripped.
An alert immediately went out to our beta testers. The play was on a company called Thermo Fisher Scientific. The company name, option symbol, and buy price were all included in the alert.
Those who listened and got in right away found themselves 70% richer in just three days' time:
Thermo Fisher Scientific
That's a two-day blockbuster gain of 70% with the "R-4 Trigger" versus the measly 7% that buy-and-holders made.
The gains made with the "R-4 Trigger" were 10 times better.
And all our beta testers had to do was follow the simple steps outlined in their "R-4" e-mail alert, and wait for the signal.
But this wasn't the only alert they've received recently...
In April, the "R-4 Trigger" sounded its horn again.
Like before, an immediate alert went out with clear, concise instructions well before most people knew what was going on.
The results?
This time it took about three weeks instead of two days...
But the "R-4 Trigger" participants who banked 154% — instead of the tiny 8% buy-and-holders pulled in — certainly weren't complaining.
After all, they made out 19 times better than they would have by holding ordinary shares of stock.
And, as I mentioned earlier, gains like these are possible for you roughly once per week...
In fact, between June 1, 2010 and August 2nd, the "R-4 Trigger" pinpointed six dead-on winners.
Take a look:
That's an average gain of 205% per week for those who were following the "R-4 Trigger."
I could sit here and rattle off a ton more examples, but I have no doubt you see the trend here... The "R-4 Trigger" absolutely blows buying and holding out of the water.
And incredibly, all you have to do is follow a single indicator over and over again.
All told, the "R-4 Trigger" could be the difference between growing wealthy over the next 10 years and watching your retirement account slowly disappear...
It's the only way to make real money
as another "lost decade" approaches
As I write this, the Dow is hovering around the 10,000 marker — the same level it was in 1999.
You know what that means?
Investors just experienced a "lost decade."
In other words, the folks out there who bought stock to hold for the long run are right where they were more than ten years ago.
They’re lucky to have made even a dollar over the last decade.
Not only that, but the future looks even worse.
David Hefty, CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management, says he expects the market to go into a "complete free fall" — just like what happened with oil prices in 2008 — which could push the Dow below 5,000 by year's end.
Market forecaster Charles Nenner agrees: "For the next couple of years, just be happy if you don't lose money."
Sounds pretty horrible, right?
Well, it doesn't sound bad at all to those who follow the "R-4 Trigger."
They'll be singing all the way to the bank, whether the market goes into a "free fall" or not.
Why the high level of confidence?
Just consider that just last year, while many people were having trouble deciding what stocks to buy and sell — making mere pennies if anything at all — an elite handful of folks had no such issues. There was no confusion, nervousness, or indecision.
They simply cashed in, left and right, taking advantage of the types of gains the "R-4 Trigger" could deliver for you time and time again.
Let me introduce you to just handful of the 16,000 different people I found that were actually making money:
The list goes on and on, but I don't have the space or time to include every one. I had to leave 15,988 people off this list.
Even more incredible is all these folks (including the ones not listed above) collected their sums of cash inside of 12 months, with an average gain of $125,000.
That works out to $2 billion in total payouts.
Now, tell me which other method of investing paid out those kinds of gains last year...
Buying and holding? Bonds? CDs? Bars of Gold? Barrels of oil? Dividends?
The answer is: None of the above.
Really, the best way to get rich going forward is by trading options. And if you're following the "R-4 Trigger," all the work is done for you.
Not to mention, it's all but guaranteed to help you avoid another "lost decade" like the one we just had.
And the play that the "R-4 Trigger" just pinpointed could be one of the most profitable yet.
But before I reveal the specific play, let me answer...
The million dollar question
The minute I tell people how profitable options can be, they always ask me, "If options can make you so rich, why doesn't everyone use them?"
It's a fair question that I'll quickly answer in two parts.
First, most folks simply don't understand options.
As former broker Joseph Hooper says, "Options are without a doubt the most misunderstood, misrepresented and poorly implemented financial tool in the world."
Second, many of the people who do understand options don't have the necessary experience and know-how to uncover the lowest-risk, highest-profit plays in the world.
And that's where Ian Cooper and his "R-4 Trigger" come in...
They eliminate any need for you to understand options or for you to spend hours hunting down plays that could end up losing you thousands of dollars.
Instead, as I've mentioned before, you simply do nothing except wait for the "R-4 Trigger" to go off.
In fact, if it wasn't for the "R-4 Trigger," Cal Stevens would probably still be in deep financial trouble...
$45,000 in less than five months
Recently, Cal Stevens hit rock bottom.
During an online conversation I had with him, he told me about the broker he'd been using for some time.
"One day I got an e-mailed statement showing over $100,000 lost," he told me.
But Cal didn't give in like most people would. He was determined to come back.
"I took my money and ran out of their office and haven't looked back," says Cal about his former broker.
"Since I've taken over my portfolio, I'm up $45,000 plus in five months."
But he couldn't have done it alone. He didn't know enough about the markets to get rich by doing his own research. So he contacted Ian Cooper for advice...
And I think it's quite safe to say Ian didn't disappoint.
"My first big hit was KOG," Cal said. "I picked it up at .98 in August, the day after I started [following the "R-4 Trigger]... I sold it at $2.63."
He continued: "I currently have 16 positions and every single one is up. I got up this morning and watched the market open and my portfolio came to life with a $3,000 jump... I set a goal several months ago that was to make back the money [my broker] lost. Well boys, I'm almost there..."
Keep in mind though, Cal didn't make his money back all at once.
Instead, he simply took advantage of the "R-4 Trigger" to collect consistent lump sums of cash that quickly added up.
And once he realized just how much money he was making, he dropped Ian a little thank-you note.
"I've been out of work for two years and can now hold my head up again and better yet, pay my bills!! Thanks."

How To Make Money Online - Getting Started

How To Make Money Online - Getting Started

One of the biggest and most frequently asked question online in the Internet Marketing industry is "How do I get started".

Most people, acquire a cheap "Make money online" E-book and then they read half way through it and think "well this helped me none.. I just don't understand".

I know some people will disagree, but breaking into Internet Marketing and being successful takes determination and is very hard to do.

FIRST OFF: I see too many people trying to just make money. They're only in it for the money and only want to make some sales.

This is a big problem. Why?

No one comes online looking to randomly buy things. Everyone is looking for an answer to a problem they're having or looking for a solution to something. Remember.. your job is not to make a sale but to solve someone's problem and in turn.. that is what will make you a sale.

So what do you need to make money online?

#1: You need a clue.
Anyone can search google for answers to making money online, but you've got to have an understanding of what you're doing or you'll always be running around searching for answers.

#2: You need a plan/idea.
Brainstorm! You need to have a mapped out vision in your head of your business. Do you plan on purchasing a domain and starting a product on dog health care, buying domains and selling them, selling home made materials on e-bay, writing articles, etc. There are so many options out there for what you want to do, but you've got to have an idea and a plan before you can start making money. Brainstorm in your head and think to yourself..

"What am I good at?"
"What am I knowledgeable about?"
"What is something I really enjoy doing/talking about?"
"How do I plan on providing information on this product?"

#3: You need a website.
Unless you plan on marketing to forums and groups (which isn't a very well played out business plan) you need to establish a website. Before you start thinking "I have no money for a website". You can always start a blogger.

If you're looking at starting a website, I would highly recommend Host Gator to beginners and novice marketers. The options of managing/running your website are great and at such a low cost, it's hard for me to refuse Host Gator when ever I plan on getting a website.

Hosting at Host Gator starts out at $4.95 so this is great for a beginner's website or just starting out.

Now comes the part I had trouble with when I began. Website Design/Website creation. I am not a HTML savvy guy.. believe me. While I am sure there are many sources you could hire for you to create your website, I believe everyone should learn to create their own material at one point or another.

You need a website with an easy design/layout because anything hard to read or something that doesn't look professional will have a much lower conversion rate than what you hope for.

Remember, when you're writing your sales copy/creating your product... you're speaking out to people that have a problem and are in need of a solution.

Make Money E-Book - People are broke.. who wants to be broke?
Train Your Dog E-Book - A loud and undisciplined dog is a danger to you and everyone around you.
A Guide To Smart Car Buying - Learn to save gas and to save earth

Do you see what I am saying? You have to speak to people in the certain niche you're trying to sell in, because you're trying to fix a problem someone has or answer a question that someone has.

In my opinion, fear and hype are two of the biggest sellers there are.

Trying to sell a vehicle? Examine your audience.. a young man will be interested in something fast and loud and will want to impress the ladies in his hot new ride. You have to know who you're selling too and get them hyped, because a hungry crowd always comes back for more.

Don't get me wrong now.. I am not saying a website is the only way you will ever make money period, I am just saying that this is probably the best way to create an automated source of income.

#4: Patience/Consistence.
If making money online was as easy as snapping your fingers.. everyone would be e-millionaires.
So many people quit trying once they find out how much work is actually involved in creating an online business and being good at what you do. You have got to keep consistent.

You've got a killer website but no sales, why not?
Get inside your market's head and view your website not from your point of view but theirs. Do not think "how will this make me money" but "will this solve my problem"?

Be consistent and always add new fresh content and possibly new products to keep your customers/readers coming back for more. A hungry crowd can never get enough no matter how much they spend.

Now then, here are some suggestions as to when you do get a business up and running, but are not mandatory.

If someone opts in to your e-mail list.. chances are.. they're interested in what you've got or curious. A lot of websites don't offer a chance to opt in to an e-mail list and a lot of money is to be made off this. A lot of people who see a website once won't purchase something because they simply don't know the source. A couple of e-mails possibly sending out some free methods/tactics or newsletters might change Curious George into a buyer.

Remember.. Internet Marketing is not an overnight task.

You can either sell your own or someone else's product.

If you're new to the game.. I don't recommend purchasing any products, because I guarantee you that 75% of the information you just paid for can be found on a forum for free.

The more consistent you are, the more determined you are, the more it will show. Don't give up just because you don't hit the lottery over night because like I said.. if making money online was truly "That easy", everyone would be doing it.

Until next time.
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