After months and months of trying to make some money, I finally did it So thought I would give back to you guys and hopefully help others out!

$5 a day x 365 days = $1825 a year....simples

Here's what I did......

1. Sign up below:
2. Once signed up you will have to write 10 posts on their main forum in order to get accepted (just make sure you write some quality posts and spell check everything)

****UPDATE**** Please do this below in order for it to work

To get to the page where you have to write 10 posts, click 'FORUMS' its near the top of the HOME screen in between 'how it works' and 'blogs' this will take you to a page with a big yellow box at the top telling you what you need to do next. A few people are struggling with this

  • Once you have got to the page with a big yellow box, click number one and it will take you to the postloop portal page
  • Sign up using the same username and email that you used to sign upto the main postloop page
  • now go back to the yellow box thingy and complete number two
  • this should subscribe you to postloop and ask you for your details, it should say this in a red box if entered correct
  • now go back to the postloop portal page and complete 10 posts to get accepted
  • once accepted you will be able to post on the main postloop page and start earning some money
Confusing I know, dont know why they dont make it simple.

3. When you get accepted, join as many forums as you want, I suggest at least 10 to start with. I use the same name and email addy for everyone to make it easier and quicker

4. After you have signed up for a forum do not write anything straight away, first you have to go back to postloop and then click the 'forums' option to bring up the big list of available forums, once there find the forum you just joined and click the green + button the the right side of it, enter the details in which you signed up with

5. Now start to post in the forums, start with the introductions one first and just say a quick hello and a bit about you

6. After a while you will get rated for your posts. The higher rating you get will mean you get more points, which equals more money.

At the minute, its takes me about 100 posts (how many) to earn $5 a day, but if you sign up to say 10 forums, then you only have to post 10 times a day in each forum.

Another good way is if you get together with a few people and post on the same forums, you can have a conversation online in the forum with each other and soon rack up points.

Another good idea is to make conversations with your friends on the selected forums.

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