Make money from your Posts,Includes Bot to make your job easier!

This is another simple program that can give you some little money. Of course its different with others adsense alternative program and i believe you can do this together with others program you like it. It just kill 2 birds with one stones. That program was TinyPaste.

Ok. How we can get paid to paste? Did you know that when you click the “Edit Account” link at the bottom of the page, when logged in, you can enter your PayPal address? Did you know that when you do this, for every unique person that views your pastes, you will get 1 point? So, how about if you know method to bring traffic to your link?
Then, how do we can get paid from this simple program? For every unique person you bring to TinyPaste you get 1 point. We pay one dollar for every two-thousand points. It’s simple, people = money! Remember, 2000 ponts means you will get 1 dollar. Its hard. But i guess nothing wrong if we give a try for some little bucks.
I don’t want to waste your time. You can go and view this program first before decide to join some program like this one. I believe some of you might be interested. If i already join this program, i believe at least half of my reader will go and try this program. Haha..
You can go here:

Go Here And register: TinyPaste
Go Here And add your paypal email: TinyPaste/GetPaid
Post Sumthing
Get the url from your post after your post
Download this bot! Rapidshare download link
Add the url from your post in: "Your Link" Space
Find a working proxei list from google and save it in a ".txt" file
Press in the bot "Import List" and find the ".txt" file from them
Press "start" and wait 15 minute
After this you have more views in your TinyPost!

Good Luck!

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