More $ than you could possibly imagine in a simple way!

There are some boring steps but the profit is 100% guaranteed! You won't believe it!So be patient and follow step to step.If you have any questions just ask.Don't give up till you reach step 8.(most important)

1.Create an account here..

2.Download AutoViewBots to start earning credits here..

3.Create an account here..

4.Press 'Begin Viewing' to start earning credits

5.Create an account here.

6.Once your account is created go to .Account>Connected Accounts and link with youtube.

7.Create your short vid and start making money.

8.MOST IMPORTANT. Add your videos url to vagex,and megaviews''my video program''So the credits you earn will be paid to those who view your video
In that way you earn tons of money in mylikes.

Watch this to get an idea about your first video.

It takes about 4 mins for anyone to create.Mylikes provides you with the tools.Seriously I had no idea I could do this.

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